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OCD Recovery

As a former OCD sufferer, I understand how crippling OCD can be for an individual and how bewildering and scary it can be for their loved ones and colleagues. It frequently doesn’t get diagnosed for many years, and conventional treatments barely keep it at bay, let alone cure it. In my work with OCD clients, I focus on three main elements.

Part I: OCD busting – this includes cognitive education, exposure visualisations and behavioural exercises. Clients learn to identify the onset of OCD episodes and step-by-step develop the ability to resist compulsive urges triggered by obsessive thoughts. My clients receive homework that helps deliver a decrease in OCD intensity. 

Part II: Trauma Treatment - this element of the treatment is essential for eliminating the underlying anxiety and stress that fuels OCD. Here we address childhood trauma, attachment issues, and work on disorders that go hand in hand with OCD (in 90% of the cases): anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD and eating disorders. 

Part III: Practical coaching – adjusting rituals over time, family communication, working around OCD limitations. This includes consulting with parents and advising how best to support their children.   

Our family owe a great deal to Sasha for his approach and delivery to solving John’s OCD problem and for helping and supporting us all to return to an enjoyable and OCD-free life

- John's father, Surrey

Before I met Sasha, my world had been shrinking week by week, with countless rituals taking over my life. I am now able to step away from obsessive thoughts 90% of the time,  my anxiety is at all times low, and I going back to Uni this year!

- Sam P, Lewes

OCD has hijacked my relationship with God, leading to more fear and control instead of love. I am much kinder to myself now, and able to step away from nasty OCD thoughts whenever they arise.  

- Mohammed S, Leicester

Meet Dr. Sasha

Dr Sasha Mitrofanov, PhD, Certified EFT Practitioner and OCD / Anxiety Treatment Specialist

Dr. Sasha Mitrofanov, Ph.D. has for years been helping people dramatically improve the quality of their life and harmonise their work, family, and personal relationships.  


Dr. Sasha works through a combination of efficient methods rooted in Attachment Theory, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), “The Journey” Method, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) / Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).


While Dr Sasha specialises in helping his clients with recovery from obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), he can also help with the treatment of co-dependent relationships, panic attacks, depression, shyness, addictions, childhood trauma and abuse, as well as issues of masculinity and life direction. His work had been featured on the BBC radio and a variety of printed and online publications.

Dr. Sasha lives with his wife, Shoshana, and his 17-year old daughter, AK.


Dr Sasha Specialises In

OCD Recovery

Relationship Counselling 

Anxiety & Depression

Career & Life Coaching

Parenting Guidance 


Let’s Give You The Support You Need 
CALL +44 (0)7809609713

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