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Career & Life Coaching

Frequently, people come to me when they are at cross-roads in their lives when it comes to career and life direction. Their work might lack meaning or it feels too intense for not much gain. Sometimes there are matters of workplace bullying. Or there is no work at all, and, seemingly, no prospect of getting it.


Anxiety and overwhelm frequently go hand in hand with lack of meaningful work in a nourishing workplace. I help my clients to get really clear on what work they would really like to do, address any psychological barriers (for example, not feeling good enough), and take practical steps to adjust their work-life balance, engage assertively in their work place, or, if needed, change their careers. 

Sometimes speaking about work and career leads to deep reflections on one’s life meaning and purpose. In such cases, I help my clients to navigate into deeply meaningful life paths, where their careers, personal lives and families all harmonise with each other. 

I believe you have played a part in positively altering the entire direction of my life.

- David B, Nottingham

It was a truly inspirational and transformative experience. Sasha’s unconventional approach, paired by high sensitivity and intelligence led to unexpected and positive results.

- Catherine L, London

I can honestly say that working with Sasha has changed my life in ways I did not think possible.

- Edward T, Manchester

Meet Dr. Sasha

Dr Sasha Mitrofanov, PhD, Certified EFT Practitioner and OCD / Anxiety Treatment Specialist

Dr. Sasha Mitrofanov, Ph.D. has for years been helping people dramatically improve the quality of their life and harmonise their work, family, and personal relationships.  


Dr. Sasha works through a combination of efficient methods rooted in Attachment Theory, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), “The Journey” Method, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) / Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).


While Dr Sasha specialises in helping his clients with recovery from obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), he can also help with the treatment of co-dependent relationships, panic attacks, depression, shyness, addictions, childhood trauma and abuse, as well as issues of masculinity and life direction. His work had been featured on the BBC radio and a variety of printed and online publications.

Dr. Sasha lives with his wife, Shoshana, and his 17-year old daughter, AK.


Dr Sasha Specialises In

OCD Recovery

Relationship Counselling 

Anxiety & Depression

Career & Life Coaching

Parenting Guidance 


Let’s Give You The Support You Need 
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